Head Elder's Corner

The power in His presence

   When Jesus was in the garden the night of his betrayal, he was in control. The armed soldiers, some chief priests, the Pharisees and Judas came for Jesus ready for a fight, but that would not be the case. Not only did Jesus not run or make the arresting crowd come to him, he went to them. Then asked them “who do you seek?” They responded to Jesus that they were looking for “Jesus of Nazareth”. Jesus told them “I am He”. The power of His words made the soldiers draw back and fall to the earth. Then, in the dark, one of the sleepy disciples, Peter, pulls out his sword to defend Jesus and takes off a servant’s ear. Jesus takes control of the situation and heals the man’s ear in front of all that were present.

   Can you imagine seeing this or much over being one of the soldiers that fell from the power of the Son of God? Think about the servant that was healed with a miracle. How could they not know that they were in the presence of God? Why? How? Jesus was in control. He knew what was coming to him as the next 24 hours would tick by.

   Is Jesus in control of your life? Are you where you are in life because you are in control or did you go to God in prayer and allow him to put you where you needed to be?  We should believe and trust in Jesus and the control we allow him to have on our lives. Like the faith and trust that a child has as they are standing on a table with their hands in the air while their parent is asking them to jump into their arms.  There is full trust that they will be caught and end up on the ground safely. Raise your hands to the Lord in praise and give your life to his control.

A blessed Easter to all,

DeAl Dankers