From the Pastor’s Pen  

Grace, mercy, and peace be yours from God our Father and the Lord, Jesus Christ. 
“Lord, it is good that we are here,” Peter’s response to his mountaintop experience with Jesus on Transfiguration Sunday. I can relate to Peter; it has been good to be here at St. John’s these past nine plus years. Really good, the Lord has blessed us in many ways, both pastor and people.  
However, soon our St. John’s experience will be over. In about three months, it will be time for Kathy and me to go our way. Not without fond memories of St. John’s.  “Lord, it is good that we have been here!”   
In the meantime, we will take another Lenten journey together during these next 40 days. There will be stops along the way as we look at our “Eyes on Jesus” resource for midweek services. On Sundays, we will continue with the story of Jesus, beginning with His temptation in the wilderness.   
Thank God Jesus won the battle with Satan. As we all know, His victory is our victory.  And we will celebrate His victory and our victory in Him on the mountaintop of Easter – the Feast of the Resurrection.  
These next three months promise to be filled with lasting memories for St. John’s and for Kathy and me.  Exciting times as well as you await your next Pastor.  By the last of April, you will know his name, if St. John’s receives a candidate from one of our two seminaries. The Lord willing, you will hear his name called at either of the Call Services on April 28th, or 29th at St. Louis or Fort Wayne.
Until then, may the Lord grant us more mountaintop experiences along the way. To Him only be the glory, forever and ever, amen! 
In His Name, 
Pastor Hilton