President’s Post/Church Council News; 

*The Augsburg Confession*

August was the month of the Church picnic. It was great!! As in all Lutheran gatherings there was more food than we could eat. Thanks to all that gathered for the picnic and brought the groceries. Everyone had a great time and meaningful fellowship.

Also, there was the Aces baseball game on August 19th. I will not miss this event next year. It was hot, but so much fun. Hope to see more faces next year.

September starts the season for the church council to be working on the budget for 2023. This is many times a two-month process. A lot of discussions, meeting, and math work in front of us.

This month also, brings us a special Bible study, “The Augsburg Confession”. This is the primary confession of faith of the Lutheran Church. It was presented on June 25, 1530 in Germany. So, in other words, this is what makes us Lutheran. I highly encourage you all to join us for a BIG Breakfast at 8am on September 11th. Walt and DeAl will be doing the cooking. Then at 8:30 we start the bible study…. Here is a challenge for you, come to the breakfast, listen to the bible study and then Sunday service at 10:00. Try it just once and see what the hype is all about. You will not leave “empty.” Neither in breakfast nutrition or spiritual nutrition.  See you there!

WE PRAY: Heavenly Father, please help us to always keep our lives in focus, that we may guide others to your Love, that they may know the meaning of your Grace. Give our voices meaning to the ears of those in need. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

In our Lord’s Name, DeAl Dankers