Head Elder's Corner

Being a Christian
Being a Christian is not always the easy path.  In one hand, the Lord wants us to stay away or walk away from the evil and the temptations of this world, but on the other hand, he also wants us to go out and expose the love of Jesus Christ to those that have not heard the Word or have rejected it.  However, it’s difficult to be an advocate for Christ.  Many times, we feel that we do not want to go outside of our comfort zone; we would prefer to stay around others that are like us. I would say this would be true of the Amish religion. They may be good Christians, but they could “expand” and become missionaries for the Lord by spreading the Word “outside” of their communities.  Staying in tight small communities, they experience nearly no drug or alcohol abuse, have very low crime rate and every one helps one another in the path of life. What is not to like about a town with characteristics like that?
We should lead our lives by, and share with other Christians, the following mission statement,  “Go yea therefore and teach all nations…...”   This means going out of our comfort zones to allow the willing ear to hear the Gospel. There are many places both in the Old and the New Testament that refer to the expansion of the Lord’s grace to the Gentiles. When you look in Acts 11, Peter explains to the Jewish Christian church in Jerusalem that he and all Saints are to outreach to the Gentiles.  The early church found itself acting as the Amish do today and wanting to stay in their comfort zone. They wanted to preach to the people they were familiar with.  What the Word shows us is that it’s meant to be shared and is the means to bring the Lord’s grace of forgiveness to the whole world. In other words be missionaries for Christ. We can do mission work right here in Fallon. This above paragraph represents one of the biggest concerns we as a congregation expressed in the congregational self-study later last year.
So as we go about our everyday lives and we find the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, just remember that negativity accomplishes nothing, but sharing with others the Lord’s grace and the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will help those in need and receive the Holy Spirit.
DeAl Dankers