President’s Post/Church Council News; 

February is looking pretty good.  Does anyone know where there may be a set of scaffolding for sale? If you do, please call DeAl. The Church roof had a bit of a leak during some of those heavy snow and rain days. I believe we found the spots that the leaks were happening. Now we just have to wait for good weather.

The Sanctity of Human Life service that we had on the 22nd was a very sensitive and loving service. Thanks to all that served in January. The Chili cook off was well attended and those of you who couldn’t be here missed out on a good time and good food!  We should have more events coming down the pipe. Thanks to all that served in January. 

Ash Wednesday is on the 22 of February. Why do we have a special 7 pm service for that day? It is the time for us to go into the Lenten Season with a repentant heart and reflect on that this life will end in a mortal death. We see 45 days later, (Easter Sunday), that our sins have been washed away by the blood of our savior. His resurrection ensures our eternal life in heaven.  Please bring the dried palms/crosses you have from last year, to February 12th and 19th Sunday services!  The Pastor burns these for Ash Wednesday.   

I believe that is it for now. 

Let’s pray together that St. John’s open doors and its loving members can be the pathway to Jesus through the Holy Spirit. In other words, let’s invite someone to join us as we worship our Lord in our services.

WE PRAYER: Heavenly Father, please help us to always focus our lives, that we may guide others to your Love. Give our voices meaning to the ears of those in need. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

DeAl Dankers