President’s Post/Church Council News; 

Greetings Church Family!

Summer Is Here

We are looking good for water for this year. Ranchers should be blessed with many good crops. And for those who enjoy the lakes and rivers in Northern Nevada, there should be plenty of good recreational areas. I also wish all that are traveling this summer a safe and blessed time.

June starts the Pentecost season for the church. This is a total of 25 weeks of our 52-week church year. June through October is the bulk of the weeks. So, what is the season all about? Yes, we know about the coming of the Holy Spirit to the disciples in the form of what seemed to be tongues of fire over them. This event is celebrated 50 days after Easter. But what about the rest of the weeks? This is when the church focuses on the events and mission of Jesus during his three years of public ministry.

I know many of us travel during the summer. And this year I will be gone for a good portion of June. Please take the time to listen to the church service online and please help the church by keeping your tithing active while you are away. We have a very big project that the council is working on right now - resealing the parking lot. We are hoping to solicit some monetary help, and we are working on a fun way to raise money with the help of God. Keep your eyes open and please participate so we can at least raise half of the total cost of sealing.  As the details are worked out, I will keep you abreast of what is happening.

One more thing. Congratulations to Caesar Ababneh on his graduation from Churchill County High School! I personally can’t say enough good about this young man. Caesar has been part of the IT team for the church and was the one that got our streaming up and running for our services. He does not only participate in multiple tasks to support our church services, but also was front and center when we had some large snow falls; he was ready, willing and able to shovel. Good luck in college, we wish you the best. You are in our prayers.  Happy Father’s Day to all our dad’s too! 

In Christ, DeAl Dankers