President’s Post/Church Council News; 

Greetings Church Family!
Here is the update of the projects in the church and Room to Grow: the new lights were all installed in the Son Room, Fellowship Hall, and the Narthex; There are a number of items that still need to be addressed. Church needs lights and fans in the restrooms replaced and a fan installed for the Son Room. The cross needs to be put back up. Also, at RTG, carpet was installed on the stage and stairway leading up to it; the kitchen needs a face lift, the rain gutters need to be cleaned and a new sign put up, some painting on the outside and a camera repair.

Spring is right around the corner. The Lord has blessed us with plenty of moisture this winter and I for one am looking forward to the greening up of the yards and the fields. Spring represents the newness of life. Easter, which is in the spring also gives us a time in a year to study and reflect on our humanity and the newness of life that is promised to us through Jesus Christ. March has three mid-week services with potlucks before the services. These are present to help us step through the Lenten season. Please make a special effort to join St. John’s every Wednesday this month for the 6:00 PM potlucks followed by our 7:00 PM services. 

I know I am getting a bit ahead of myself, but April is church spring cleanup month. Keep an eye and an ear open for the church clean up days. I am hoping and tentatively looking at April 6th. We have a lot on our list this year. The new clean up and task sheet will be on the bulletin board soon. Please feel free to sign up. Again, I hope to see all of you at all the special services not to mention the midweek lent potlucks. 

    Could it be said that you give God glory every time you go to church rather than doing other things? 

“Simul Justus et peccator,” this is a phrase that Martin Luther used to describe a Christian. It means that we as Christians are justified and a sinner simultaneously.

THE PRAYER: Heavenly Father, give us voices raised to You, our almighty Deliverer. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

DeAl Dankers