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March 13, 2022

2nd Sunday in Lent

Pastor Chad Biar

Jeremiah 26:8-15 "Comfortable Repentence"


March 9, 2022

Mid Week Lent Service 1; 
Pastor Chad Biar; 
Mercy in Temptation

March 6, 2022

1st Sunday in Lent; 
Pastor Chad Biar; 
Deuteronomy 26:1-11 "The Cycle Comes Again"

March 2, 2022

Ash Wednesday Service; 
Pastor Chad Biar; 
"Mercy in Ashes"

February 27, 2022

Transfiguration of Our Lord; 
Pastor Chad Biar; 
Luke 9:28-36 "Who Is Jesus?"

February 20, 2022

The 7th Day After Epiphany

Pastor Chad Biar

Genesis 45:3-15 "God's Behind It All"


February 13, 2022

The 6th Sunday after Epiphany

Pastor Chad Biar

Luke 6:17-26 "The two Paths"